Pacific County Entrepreneurs

For the last few months I’ve been working on a video project through the Pacific County Economic Development Council (EDC) based in Raymond, WA. I worked very closely with Cathy Russ, the previous EDC director, and her successor, Paul Philpot. I was very fortunate to get the gig; Cathy was one of the people my dad gave a business card to at the Pacific County Fair–networking at its finest!

This project was a great way for me to get involved in the community and to learn about local businesses in both the northern and southern parts of the county. The video also provides me with a solid work to put in a portfolio and will hopefully spark future projects to come into place. The project is making its way around Facebook and it will also be screened in the local schools. So far, the reception has been very encouraging.

GearUp Career Day

One of my good friends in town works with youth programming as a part of Americorps in our local school district. She asked me if I would participate, as a professional, in a career networking event for high school freshmen. I was honored and pleased to attend. There were nearly 30 tables of career professionals ranging from the arts to engineering to firefighting. Each student went to 8 different tables for 8 minute panel presentations. After the presentations were complete, they had the opportunity to roam freely to network and ask questions in the half an hour before lunch.

In my 8 minute ramble, I discussed my educational journey from high school on through college and grad school. I explained what I love about filmmaking and how it has shaped who I am today. Most of the students seemed engaged and entertained.

All of the staff involved were very encouraging and appreciative. I would definitely do an event like this again. It made feel great to inspire others with my journey.

GearUp Attire

Business casual for the day!