GearUp Career Day

One of my good friends in town works with youth programming as a part of Americorps in our local school district. She asked me if I would participate, as a professional, in a career networking event for high school freshmen. I was honored and pleased to attend. There were nearly 30 tables of career professionals ranging from the arts to engineering to firefighting. Each student went to 8 different tables for 8 minute panel presentations. After the presentations were complete, they had the opportunity to roam freely to network and ask questions in the half an hour before lunch.

In my 8 minute ramble, I discussed my educational journey from high school on through college and grad school. I explained what I love about filmmaking and how it has shaped who I am today. Most of the students seemed engaged and entertained.

All of the staff involved were very encouraging and appreciative. I would definitely do an event like this again. It made feel great to inspire others with my journey.

GearUp Attire

Business casual for the day!

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