POWFEST (Portland, Oregon Women’s Film Festival) was a significant event that I attended in March. It was a really neat festival and I highly recommend it to people for future attendance!

I entered both my animation, The Shoes and my master’s thesis Auntie Sue into the festival. Unfortunately, neither film was selected, but I was offered a complimentary all-access pass to the event in Portland. I have never heard of a festival that offers a completely free pass to an entrant whose film was not accepted; I’m still amazed and thankful for the opportunity to attend.

My boyfriend was able to purchase a pass to come along with me and together we really enjoyed the 4 days of screenings, events and free Luna bars. It was great to see films in a festival setting again and to listen to the directors speak about their film journeys. The kindness and generosity at the festival was immense and I was very inspired and encouraged.

To learn more about Powfest and the “Power of Women in Film”, feel free to check out their Facebook page here: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Portland-Womens-Film-Festival-aka-POW-Fest/90277399535?ref=br_tf



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